Sewage woes continue in Siluma Street

Disgruntled residents of Wesselton are despondent over the sewage spillages in the area as they worsen with no solution in the foreseeable future.

Burst pipes and spillages have become a norm for the residents with complaints falling on deaf ears at the municipality.

“We report it to the municipal call centre, they come and just look, promising to come back. Sometimes they ‘fix’ it by digging even bigger holes, which are never barricaded, putting the lives of our children at risk. This is an ongoing problem that started a long time ago, but they just give us empty promises” said a frustrated resident from Siluma Street.

The street near Lindile High School is synonymous with sewage spillages as there has been an overflowing manhole gushing sewage into the street.

The stench in the area is overwhelming and the spillage poses health risks to the community.

The high school has had its fair share of sewage troubles with learners having to attend class with the stench becoming unbearable in classrooms.

“We have engaged with municipality numerous times, even at municipal meetings. We sing the same song and they always give us assurances they will come, but nothing has happened,” said a ward committee member, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Last year the municipality said they had appointed Rand Water to deal with the sewage problem.

It subsequently appointed a service provider and the scope of works included assessment of the sewer pumps in Ermelo, the replacement of pumps at the sewerage plant, the refurbishment or replacement of bulk sewer pipes, the refurbishment of electrical equipment and electrical control panel, the supply and installment of communication cables and cleaning of sewer blockages.

When the Highvelder approached the municipality, Msukaligwa Municipality spokesman Mandla Zwane said, “The sewer line was unblocked last week. The challenge is that the main holes around that area are not easily accessible because of the shacks that were illegally built there. The shacks were built on top of  main sewer line and Our employees always battle to use a TLB in that area”.

Mr Zwane added that during the unblocking of pipes, the crew discovered foreign objects such as shoes and clothes so he urges the community not to flush such objects down the toilet.

He conveyed the municipality’s apology to the community of Siluma street and any other road-users for the inconvenience caused by the sewer spillage.

Any sewer spillage should be  reported to the call centre immediately for prompt response.

The call centre number is 017 801 3500 or 017 801 3400 or 079 503 5484 or 079 503 6729.

Amanda Mthembu

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