Finish en klaar (Afr)

Dit is so duidelik soos daglig dat mense hulleself met ander vergelyk om óf hulle identiteit te herbevestig óf om saam met die stroom te kan beweeg.

Who should carry a gun

Many Americans demanded more gun regulation after the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida where 17 learners died after Nikolas Cruz (19) opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle. The floodgates opened with debates on the relationship between serious mental illnesses and violence as well as gun ownership and crime. President Donald Trump and the FBI…

By the way

As one of the “necessity” shoppers, the comparative price of groceries measured “trolley for trolley” at various supermarkets leaves me cold. As is the case with many shoppers nowadays, we buy only what we need, otherwise known as “the bare necessities”. Who of us can remember when last we stood in line with a trolley…

By the way

Most of us have been victims of crime at one stage or another. For us, the victims, a crime committed against us remains a crime. We don’t classify it as serious, “big” or petty. It remains traumatic, whether a cell phone is snatched out of our hands or our homes are broken into. Unfortunately due…

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